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Ariana's Story 

Ariana Holloway, mostly known as Ariana The Techie is a 3X founder, 14-year full stack software engineer and the founder of Mueshi Incorporated. Currently, she serves on the Board of Trustees for the Museum of Contemporary of North Miami, a world renowned art institution where she focuses on building partnerships, technology strategy, and fundraising. In 2021, at the age of 26, Ariana became the 4th black woman in the world to raise over $1M dollars in the blockchain industry, by raising over $3M in 3 months.


Ariana's journey as an entrepreneur began at just 18 years old where she ran a baking company for 3 years in her hometown city of Atlanta, Georgia. Ariana till this day is a passionate baker, loves to compete in baking competitions against her grandmother and takes local classes studying french cuisines.


She previously attended Tuskegee University where she majored in electrical engineering and decided to drop out after her  sophomore year to pursue her passion of building wealth for her family through entrepreneurship and completing a coding bootcamp to continue her technical education. While in attendance at Tuskegee University Ariana was able to land engineering internships with: Honda Manufacturing building software for the Honda Pilot, Accura MDX, and Honda Odyssey. Ariana was the first HBCU intern for Exelon Nuclear Byron, Illinois plant, and served as software engineer at General Electric Aviation. 


Since the age of 23 years old, Ariana has been a keynote speaker for some of the worlds largest tech conferences, events, and universities. Previously Ariana served as the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Dalilah Cann. A cannabis-tech startup based in Grand Rapids, Michigan’s where Amazon-style digital marketplace for cannabis products. During this time, Ariana also co-founded the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild, one of the first organizations in the United States to develop a program for marginalized communities to build businesses within the cannabis industry. During her tenure at the organization she helped to expunge over 400+ records of those facing minor cannabis related offenses with the help of Cooley Law School and a series of strategic partners in Grand Rapids.

Ariana is the host of the Women in Tech with Ariana podcast where she scaled the show to over 30+ countries in 3 years and is the top 5 rated podcasts in the world for Women in Tech podcasts on apple podcasts. Ariana is an Apple WorldWide Developer Scholar where she learned to build IOS applications in one week and beat hundreds of  hackers around the world to become an Apple Developer Scholar. She is also graduate of the Backend Capital HF0, software engineering program where she built her startup, raised capital, from some of the world's greatest and famous venture capitalist's.

HerLatest Interviews

Ariana's Latest Interviews 

Ariana In The Press

The Press

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